Okay, so maybe this won’t be as exciting as the BIG REVEAL portion of Trading Spaces, but it is time for me to tell my secret pal who I am (if she didn’t secretly figure it out already – I have the sinking suspicion that I actually posted to her blog “anonymously” one day and actually signed my name, but she’s not fessin’ up!!) :O)

So, Lacy – this is me! Like I said in my note/card – I have enjoyed getting to know you over these past three months. At first I thought we’d have nothing in common (well, besides knitting), and worse, that I wouldn’t be able to find anything that you would like. I am so thrilled that I have (hopefully) picked things you have liked. I was honored and pleased to see that you nominated me for the best secret pal award. Must mean I’ve done something right, anyway!

This last package is full of things that I really hope you’ll like. The yarn is a personal favorite of mine. I am IN LOVE with Koigu. Koigu will be my next husband. There’s no reason to consider anyone else! I love the colors that the Painter’s Pallette contains. I have used this particular colorway in a shawl that I knit (am knitting) for my mother for Christmas. Sssh – don’t tell! I imagine that the amount I sent you should make a great hat or scarf, and would be great combined with a solid color and used for a sweater or other garment. I just think the colors in this particular dye lot of Koigu are outstanding – a rainbow, literally – and I hope you agree.

The cute mermaid magnet was the result of a shopping trip dedicated to find SOMETHING mermaid that you would like. It comes from an artist local to the Maryland/D.C./Virginia area – her studio is in The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA – you should visit if you get a chance, it’s a great place! And, the best part is, the magnet is actually a “print” of a full-sized artwork. She shrinks them down with photoshop and mounts them in the bottle cap, attaches a magnet, and PRESTO – instant artwork! I picked up a few for my classroom while I was there, but the mermaid I knew was for you! I hope you like it.

The beads are hopefully something you will enjoy as well. While on vacation this summer in Kill Devil Hills, NC (LOVE the Outer Banks) I stumbled upon a bead shop (and – get this – it was attached to a coffee shop, and had a paint-your-own pottery store connected to it! Talk about bliss!!). I picked up a few beads there – they seemed pretty reasonable, and this blue strand struck me as something you might like. Maybe a nice necklace? Earrings, your own stitch markers this time? Either way – enjoy.

The other little goodies are things that made me think of you – the blue silicone is actually a baking pan – make your own personal cake next time you bake for the family! And the knitting journal should be a good place for you to take notes on your pattern changes/alterations/discoveries. It should come in handy.

Again, Lacy – it’s been great getting to know you. I hope you’ve had as much fun opening surprises as I’ve had creating them!

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2 Responses to Reveal!

  1. Lacy says:

    I FOUND YOU! Thanks for the “things” hint in your last comment. I was waiting, rather impatiently, for Mia to post her participants list, but she never got around to it. You’re actually the first SP I haven’t found weeks and weeks in advance 🙂

  2. Heather says:

    Yay! I remained a secret! I really wanted Mia to post her list, too. My pal wound up giving me some hints at the end, which I was too busy to thoroughly research! She wound up blatantly telling me who she was – Lisa from What Not to Knit.I thought that my hint was due, since I was late mailing out that last package. I hope it makes it to you soon with the forwarding and all. Bad timing for the package, but I know you are thrilled to be moving again finally. That is definitely somethign we have in common – it’s not easy to be back with moms and pops when you have your own kids! My son and I will hopefully be out on our own again soon! Congrats!:O)

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