Double Duty

This post is going to serve two purposes – to officially blog about our trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore this past week, and to serve as my entry for Challenge #5 in The Amazing Lace.

Last weekend, The Boy and I went out and got a desktop (read “small”) aquarium for our room. He had mentioned one day that he wished we had a fish (he has some at his dad’s), so I jumped right on that! We set it up and let it sit for a few days, then went out and got a fish on Tuesday. Meet the newest member of the family, “Fred.”

Fred is a Japanese Fighting Fish, also known as a “Beta.” The Boy is very happy that Fred is around, and loves to give him his food. There is still a bit of settling to go on with the tank, though – see the foaming at the top? Apparently this is from the brand-new gravel we used to set the tank up, and will subside soon. I sure hope the guide book ain’t lyin’, cause that stuff bubbling up in the middle of the night is a bit strange to listen to!

By the way, do you see the lace in the picture above? It’s supposed to be hidden/not the focus of the picture. Did I pass the test? We shall see . . .

Then, in other fish-related news, our visit to the National Aquarium
was great. The Boy was torn between wanting to see the animals and wanting to ride the escalators. Once he saw an escalator in a room, he wanted on it! Who cares about the stinkin’ fish already? UGH. It really stressed my mother out, but I’m kinda used to it by now. What we should have done was let him go through the entire building – up and down escalators and elevators and through revolving doors, and THEN started all over with the animals. He’d have been done with the gadgets and ready to settle down and look at things. Things like this: This was taken in the tank of Seahorses. Those specks? Well, some are the brine shrimp that the seahorses eat, but most are !BABY SEAHORSES! OMG, you never saw anything so cute in your life! Amazing!!

And this was a tree frog. I thought he was kind of amazing because his whole body kinda oozes onto the leaf he’s sitting on. Almost like his whole body was suction. Had I had the time to read the placard sitting next to this guy, I would know why he does that, probably. Like I said – next time!!

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