Knitting seems to be going slowly these days. Although I did finish the blanket for Baby O, It seems like my other projects are taking FOREVER!!! Here’s picture proof:

Finished baby blanket:
I love it, really I do. It was pretty easy, introduced me to cabling (boy, did it!), and turned out almost exactly the size I wanted! I had a blanket about this size when Zac was born – given to me by a much-loved family friend (thanks, Jo!), and it was so amazing! It may seem small, but it was the PERFECT blanket for using in the diaper bag, traveling, and definitely for covering a baby in a carseat!! It will fit over the carseat just enough, without the miles and miles of excess dragging on the seat or floor! And when the baby is big enough that you have to take him out of the carseat to go inside with him (which, for my big lug of a boy was about 2 months old!!!), it’s just the right size to flip over the baby on your shoulder without worrying about tripping on the end of the blanket trying to stand up out of the car, or worse yet, as you are walking (or, God forbid, going up a stair or two!!). And folding it into a diaper bag? Leaves plenty of room for other necessitities besides the blanket. It’s also not so big that you would worry too much if you covered the baby up with it to sleep. I know that’s a big no-no these days, but a small, knitted blanket such as this would be perfect for the job. Since Baby O’s daddy is a pediatric surgeon, this will probably never even be an issue becuase it won’t happen. . .But really, this size blanket is the perfect size. May Stephany and John, the new-parents-to-be think the same!

Amazing Lace Teammates:

These two seem to be competing for attention. Convertible rarely gets attention, it seems, since I have to knit her in secrecy. I’m determined that Mom will not see me working on this project. Christmas gifts should be a surprise, and knitting it in front of her would totally ruin that. So this project goes with me to The Boy’s swimming lessons, the coffee lounge, friends’ houses, etc. so that I can work on the present in private. Once in a while I work on her late at night once Mom has gone to bed, but you never know when she might get up for something, and Convertible has grown just a bit too much to tuck away behind me on the couch and pretend I’m not working on her!!

And, my Diamond-y Dresser Scarf (that I’m actually going to wear, not just drape across a dresser!) seems to be plugging along, but not getting any longer?!?! Hopefully soon she will start to look like I’m actually working on her. The picture was taken with The Boy helping me stretch her across his little desk to show the lace pattern, which I love. I also love the fact that his handsome little hand is in the picture. YUM! :O)

Did I mention that we went to the Zoo last week?? Look at that face!

That’s basically all I’m working on. I’m very tempted to cast on for another project, but I have bigger things to attend to. I’m launching a new blog for my brother-in-law, a Marine who just got deployed to Habanniya (sp??) Hopefully, all of us who love him will post updates and news/happenings there for him to log onto and see when he gets a chance. His job allows for that. Remember the TV show M*A*S*H*?? Well, basically, as I understand it, he’s Radar O’Reilly. He’s got all his digits, but he is the personnel guy. Hopefully, this will keep him out of harm’s way. Prayers and well wishes are welcome from all . . .


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  1. Rycrafty says:

    Eek! A dinosaur ate your boy!Hello from the Amazing Lace pitstop!It’s amazing that you’re knitting a surprise for someone you live with. Wow. Good for you, it must be such a challenge, and with lace too! Can’t just throw that under a cushion easily.

  2. Heather says:

    Hello!What a fab little blanket (babies do need all sized blankets, you don’t want all your blankets so big that you need a separate bag for them!)LOVE the dino pic! :-)Keep plugging with those lace projects!

  3. hege says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I would definitely like to do a real curtain for my window someday. I agree with you, it begs for lace, white cotton knitted or crocheted would be romantic. I really enjoy reading your blog, and your Convertible and your dresser scarf are beautiful. I had similar thoughts as you did about my lace being less delicate and airy than some of the other participants projects, but it was a project I was wanting to finish and I am very happy to meet new knitting friends this way 🙂 The picture of your son and the dinosaur is adorable! Good luck keeping the surprise a surprise!

  4. robyn says:

    Love the blanket! The socks I’m making for my son are from and they are blue, yellow, grey and white self striping. It’s slow going as I’m learning to knit two at a time on two circs. I’ll be putting up a picture soon on my blog now that clappy is done. 🙂

  5. Purty color (and cute lil hand) for your Dresser scarf. Your other projects look awesome! : )(I’m late in making my TAL Pit Stop!)

  6. Heather says:

    Harriet – I visit your blog often, so it’s great to have you stop by anytime!! :O)

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