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I have been a very bad blogger lately. No posting. Events happening that don’t get even so much as a mention. Went on vacation and didn’t post pics, stats, nothin’! I have a lot of blogging to do to catch up! It’s coming.

For now, I will post about what is currently obsessing me: The Amazing Lace. I joined this challenge thinking it was a great way to get a Christmas present done for my mother. But, the problem is, now I’m seeing all those other bloggers and lacers out there knitting dainty, delicate, elegant projects, and I want to do something fantastic like that too. Not that my project
isn’t awesome, mind you, but with the chosen yarn, it’s not all that delicate. Don’t get me wrong, Koigu is nothing to snuff your nose at, but I have the desperate urge to knit something delicate and light and airy.

I thought for a hot minute that it might be this
but, uh, well, suffice it to say – that project kicked my arse, and at 1:30 this morning, I hit it with the scissors and then it promplty hit the ole circular file. I would show you pictures of the horrid mess, but I’d rather go on letting you believe that I am a somewhat decent knitter. I thik my 4 year old could have done a better job than I did, and he doesn’t know how to knit yet (more on this subject later).

So, I racked my brain (and my stash of patterns) for what to do. I decided on Barbara Breiter’s DresserScarf
. Simple. Lacy, and, most importantly – straight as a board! No shaping, no circular pattern, just some good, ole lacy goodness.

And, I found this:
to knit it up with. YUM! I think I feel my strength returning. You just can’t keep a good knitter down, no sir!

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