Okay. There hasn’t been much going on here lately, so I figured I’d do one post to catch everything up, Knits-n-Things style:


How about some progress photos? Standby, this may be all there’s room for – I managed to do a lot of knitting on vacation. The “things” (i.e. vacation) may have to be their own post:

On the left, we have a cute little baby hat for my (un) niece or nephew-to-be (see new name below). Baby hats are so much fun to knit, especially this one, that I downloaded from Susan
Pierce Lawrence. Awesome. This pattern is pure brilliance and easy enough to knit by the pool. I speak from experience.

In the middle, you see the progress of my Amazing Lace project, aka Mom’s Christmas gift. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much done on this since, in my packing “haste” I forgot to pack any extra skeins of yarn. And, since this kind of Koigu only comes in skeins of 145 yards, that meant I didn’t get to knit on this all vacation-long like I’d thought. That would have been perfect since, on vacation (unlike in real life) I was actually living in a separate residence from my mother. Wohoo! That should have guaranteed some quality knitting time. No dice. Ah well, look what got a lot of attention:

The last picture is the blanket I’m making for baby “O” – I absolutely cannot remember the new, African last name that my former SIL married into, so this shall be this child-to-be’s name from now on. The blanket is really trucking right along, even with ripping back about 3 inches before the vacation due to an incorrect cable. Stephany
that tinking cable post came a bit too late this time, but it’s printed out for future reference now! Thanks!

And, that’s going to be it for now – the “things” will have to wait for tomorrow. I just heard a hot tip regarding the new Harry Potter book, so I’m off to check the presses for news!

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2 Responses to Updates

  1. Allison says:

    I love that hat! I just made a blanket out of microspun so have a bunch left and it would be perfect to use it up making those adorable hats. Are you willing to share the pattern? Would love to know – lahamlt@gmail.com Thanks!P.S. Your amazing lace looks great too!

  2. Heather says:

    Allison – thanks for the kind comments. Click on Susan’s name in that post to get the pattern it’s found on her website somewhere and free to boot! I love free patterns that turn out THIS beautiful!

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