Challenge #2

Team Knits-n-Things has been on an adventure. In response to TAL’s second challenge
, Convertible and I decided to do some sightseeing in downtown Washington, D.C. In today’s post-911 world, this can be a challenge. What with roadblocks, detours (sounding a bit familiar?), barricades and police of all types, sightseeing can be a deadly mission.

No problem. Our initial goal was to make it to the top of the Washington Monument

I mean after all, D.C. is a “short” city – there’s virtually no taller point here. Definitely a “high” in my literal translation of the word! But, nothing doing. A clever blogger would have taken a picture of the sign we saw from across the street warning us that we were too late. Not me, I’m still new here! But, indeed, tickets were gone for the day by the time we got there. We got there at 11 am. Tickets went on sale at 8:30 am. We were too late by one and a half hours. By 9:00 these puppies are gone – DAILY! UGH!

Never fear – there’s bound to be a few more interesting places in D.C. that are relatively high. We aimed our sights on a nearby sight – breathtaking views, interesting history, same relative vicinity – the LINCOLN MEMORIAL. Of course, to get to the Lincoln Memorial, you have to walk through the WORLD WAR II MEMORIAL. Talk about breathtaking, I mean, just LOOK: Awesome! Breathtaking.

But we still had enough steam in us to make it to our (altered) destination, where I got some knitting time in, despite the weekend crowds:

What a view, huh? But wait just a doggone minute! How did Clapotis get in that knitting bag? Man – she has been pouting ever since The Amazing Lace started. Trying to insist that SHE is lace, and that SHE deserves to be a team member as well. She even demanded that SHE have her picture taken at the memorial as well:

I think she’s being a little pushy!

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