Good Weekend!


Me and The Boy had a great weekend. Pictures to follow! First, we spent a wonderful Friday evening. It all started with him running up to me on the school playground, telling me “I HAD A GOOD DAY!” Wonderful. It’s not been that way everyday lately! We’ve had problems, phone calls in the middle of the day from the teacher, and tales of woe and “no recess” in the evenings! UGH. Please don’t tell me I have THAT KID for a child! No, no, no! Please.

So, after that glowing report, we came home to find my framed degree waiting for me on my desk. Wonderful. I am “official.” Better change my sidebar! By the way, I promptly scanned it into my computer and forwarded it to most everyone I know – at least those on my e-mail list!

Later, we had homemade pizza from Gaggi. Wonderful again. She makes awesome pizza! Zac had been asking for her pizza forever! Then, all night long, we talked about our plans for the next day:

The Andrews AFB Air Show/Open house! Last year when we ventured out there, it was the first day that he went all day and stayed dry! I was so proud of him! I can’t believe it’s been a year since he was potty trained! We were really struggling there for a bit!

This year we took a friend with us:

Zac just loves playing with David. He’s the son of a good friend, and he’s just a great kid. I love that he was willing to go with us even though his Dad was working! He’s so nice and polite, and well-mannered. I want Zac to be just like him when he’s a big kid! He had a great time at the Air Show, and next year we plan on bringing ear protection so that we can sit in the front row to get close-up views of these guys:

Yeah, see, we want to eliminate the view of the Port-a-Potty!


In knitting news – I’m still fawning all over my Impressionist Clapotis. It’s indescribable. I won’t even try. I’ve dropped the first stitch, and I am just as in love as I was when I cast on! YUM!


Well, somewhat!! :O) I still need to tack down the cowl and sew in about 2 ends. I hate the finishing part. I’m very intimidated by it! I’ve only tacked down one other hem/edge before, and it’s been a while, so I need some good peace and quiet before attacking that thing! I think I will still be able to get a lot of wear out of it, though – I am very sensitive to temperatures, and if I’m going somewhere that there is A/C this summer, I can easily see myself breaking out this wonderful sweater! I knit it in a cotton/wool blend, so it should really give me a lot of wear! Pictures soon!

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2 Responses to Good Weekend!

  1. Jeanie says:

    Hi Heather! It’s Jeanie from the Sexy Knitters Club — I hopped on over to your blog to tell you that I think your encouraging comments (to the other sexy knitters) are so nice to read and to thank you personally for taking the time to write them. I’ll be visiting your blog regularly now!Take care!

  2. Heather says:

    Thanks, Jeanie! I just love seeing everyone else’s finished products and can’t help but comment. They can be so different and so beautiful! Very encouraging to see!

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