So my pals over at got to talking. We were wondering what each other looked like. My screen name over there is Heather219, and, being one of only two “black Heather’s” I know, I bet them they couldn’t guess what I really looked like. I think I was right about their perceptions of me!! Hee hee – the one description I read was 5’8 (I wish), and blond-haired and blue-eyed! Now, I’m going to pretend that that is a sterotypical “Heather” image, and doesn’t really mean that they think I’m dizzy!

And, to satisfy their curiosity – here’s a picture of me and The Boy at this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival. Please excuse the 6 chins:

See, not at all the stereotypical Heather. Although, I will admit, I am dizzy! :O)

And, by the way – I’ve lost 8 pounds since joining – thanks, in a GREAT part, to the ladies I mentioned above. They rock!

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One Response to Me

  1. Yarn Coffee says:

    Ok, seriously, how is it that no one has commented to your blog yet? I love your posts. You seem to have a really great sense of humor and wonderful outlook. Hope to meet you at one the knitting meetups. I can never make the weekday one either, don’t feel bad. Congrats on your fun purchases at the MD S&W Festival! Hope the hair looks Faboo!

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