Lately . . .

It seems there’s not much knitting content here. That’s because I’ve been trying to do something about how much space I currently occupy on this earth, in a chair, in my jeans, etc. I joing and have been trying to navigate around that site in most of my “spare” internet time lately. But there has been knitting in my life as well. . . just look:

This is the sock I am knitting for the Six Socks Knitalong. I joined this cute yahoo group that knits socks every other month. Right up my alley. I’ll get a free sock pattern and get to knit a sock for a reason (rather than just for me!) every two months. What a great idea. Now, as long as the sock doesn’t mean I’ll have nightmares like when I WATCHED the movie The Sixth Sense, I’ll be alright. If I start seeing dead people, they’re gonna have to be gifties!!

Also, looky here:

I won an e-bay auction and got this yummy looking yarn for the Somewhat Cowl knitalong. I think I need to cast on in a hurry, but it’s here at least! One bad note, there was this really funky scent coming from the yarn when I first opened the package, but now it seems to be airing out. I was just about to send it back to the guy (but he lives in the UK! UGH!), and when I smelled it this afternoon, it is going away. Probably just boxed up in plastic too long.

The yarn is DK weight wool and acrylic blend (I don’t like to wear wool right next to my skin, so usually go with a blend or at least a merino – not in the budget right now!). Looks like it’s probably “vintage” (hence, the smell), and it knits up at just the right guage! Now where are those size 4 needles . . . .

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