Busy Spring Break

Even though it has been Spring Break here, I haven’t managed to accomplish much. I am dragging my feet over writing a paper that is due tomorrow. RD is complete, but I can’t manage to make myself get back in there and edit! I have, however, been having a great time with The Boy (who is at Daddy’s for the weekend :O( and Easter). We have gone on playdates, visited the Aviation Museum in College Park (excellent), Bladensburg Waterfront Park (awesome – we got to see the DeMatha rowing team setting off into the water for practice), and just plain had a great time. I love having him around so much. Makes it even harder when he goes away for the weekend! Right now I have my schoolwork to concentrate on, but soon that will be over, and I’ll have nothing much to do but think of what he is doing WITHOUT ME! Sob! At least it will only be the summer, then I’ll have lesson plans to write and classroom stuff to create/make! That should do the trick.

Meanwile, I’m getting lots of knitting done as well! I have started working again on my alpaca cardigan from a Debbie Bliss pattern. It’s so wonderful, I’m a little stumped as to why I stopped working on it for so long. Then, I’m also just about finished with my sister’s Picovoli. Mattr of fact, I will finish it today. The plan is to work on my paper for an hour, then turn on some past episodes of LOST and knit until finished. YAY! Now I need to find a color to do it in for myself. Might have to wait for Sheep N Wool. It’s not like I don’t have other things to knit.

Oh yeah, I’ve been purusing the free web ring for baby blanket patterns, and found one WITH CABLES!!! I’ve been wanting to knit cables forever, and I think that would make the blanket for the new Vereen baby very special, so I’ll probably do a version of the one I found here: http://www.stichinsheep.blogspot.com/

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