One class down, one to go. To celebrate, I learned how to cast-on mid-row! My sister is visiting, which means I got to start her Picovoli that I’ve been wanting to knit for a long time now – ever since finding the Sexy Knitters’ Club. So now I’ve started. I got as far as the armholes yesterday, and discovered not only how to cast-on mid-row, but how to do a knitted purl cast-on! Great accomplishment! I’m glad I can say I’ve done that now. I really like knitting the Picovoli, too – it’s going so quickly that it’s definitely not boring!

Tomorrow it’s off to the Kennedy Center with The Boy’s school, for a puppet theater type of show. Should be interesting. I wonder if I’ll be more “mommy” or more “teacher” while I’m with his class? Hmmmmm. . . .just glad to be going, although it means a day without pay. Ugh. Probably best, though – since Ms. Hawkins (the teacher I am currently working with) is going to be out tomorrow, which means the students will be crazy and I’m just not up for it today. I will be much better about this when it’s my class, and I’m getting paid and can go see the doctor if I want to. Paying for benefits solo really sucks! So does not getting paid for holidays, getting paid hourly, etc, etc, etc. . . C’mon September!

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