Uhhhhhh . . .

Some of my posts have disappeared and I don’t know why. I have no time to figure this out, either. What this means is that I have no pictures on my blog right now. It looks kinda boring. I really like pictures to greet me when I sign in. I also really like pictures of my kid, so I’m posting a new one! Here he is being a cheeseball opening presents on his birthday! He was very happy that Gaggi got him a bath set with soaps, crayons, coloring thingys, and a squishy “rubber” ducky!

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2 Responses to Uhhhhhh . . .

  1. Yarn Coffee says:

    Some of posts disapeared once when using blogger. I had to go back into the “post” section and edit them, they were all still there and saved but I had saved them as drafts or something and hadn’t actually posted them. This might work for you. It still took me like 3 days till I could see the posts again but they did come back. Hope you find your posts!

  2. Heather says:

    Thanks! I think I got them all- that’s pretty much what I wound up doing. I am very new to all this and not at all computer savvy! I’ll figure it all out eventually!

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