My Blog!

I have a blog! That is astounding. Since I found this “spot” thanks to my new-found hobby of surfing knitting blogs, like the Sexy Knitters Club, Knitty, and the Yarn Harlot, (just to name a few!), I have knitting in the title. . .I love knitting! I also love being a mom, reading, jazz music, and *trying to be* a great educator. I will probably discuss all of these things on my blog. Maybe someone will join me, maybe not. Either way, I feel “cool” to now have an online journal. This has got to be better than sitting up late at night with a flashlight (or worse, my cell-phone light!) to try to write in my own journal that is kept beside my bed. I can probably write more frequently this way, as well.

To start, I will talk about my “loves.” Let’s start with the main one, and the biggest influence on my life right now:

First and foremost is my son, Zachary, aka “The Boy.” Don’t ask me why, but everyone in my family calls him that. Maybe it’s because he’s the first boy-child to be born into this side of the family in a long time. We love having a little boy in the house. We are famous for having girls. My mother – youngest of two girls. My father – had himself 4 girls. So a boy is a big deal. He is the cutest darn thing ever, too! And smart. I know I am biased, but I believe these things to be true anyway! I will post proof later.

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